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Cover SUPERNOV∀ (Fanmade/doujin)
Various artists

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Cover Beyond Boundaries (Fanmade/doujin)
Moonie, Moon Tone
Cover Daybreak (Fanmade/doujin)
Various artists
Cover Delusional Makai: Lotus Land Square (Fanmade/doujin)
Various artists
Cover FLOWERING SUMMER -Four Seasons Library vol.2- (Fanmade/doujin)
テラ, 少女理論観測所 feat. various
Cover Juggernaut Spell (Fanmade/doujin)
とりきのこ, 激甘地獄
Cover Moonlight Windia (Fanmade/doujin)
Various artists
Cover Next Sensation (Fanmade/doujin)
sc_ゆゆか, Freedom Phantasm
Cover Phantom Tales (Fanmade/doujin)
Various artists
Cover POP|CULTURE 9 (Fanmade/doujin)
簑島正佳, Alstroemeria Records feat. ayame
Cover Prosperity residence in night of the full moon (Fanmade/doujin)
Fox_Prayer, 狐の居る湖
Cover あの日の蜃気楼 (Fanmade/doujin)
yuta, Minstrel feat. LIQU@。
Cover カガヤキノヨル (Fanmade/doujin)
でり, Die Ellipse
Cover マーガトロイドのシャンハイハイ (Fanmade/doujin)
Melnik, 安い武田信玄, Team-Bearhug
Cover ユビキタス・グリニッジ (Fanmade/doujin)
ぴずや, ぴずやの独房 feat. 普透明度
Cover をどりうた (Fanmade/doujin)
Various artists
Cover 夜伽話の神隠し (Fanmade/doujin)
yuta, Minstrel feat. LIQU@。
Cover 弾丸RUNNER (Fanmade/doujin)
Stack Bros., 暁Records feat. Stack
Cover 東方ぱーぷる (Fanmade/doujin)
Various artists
Cover 東方雑破月 (Fanmade/doujin)
ZAPPA, ザッパワールディリア
Cover 花に幽明夜に紫 (Fanmade/doujin)
Various artists